Progress Report (7/24/16) Part 2

Here is an extended list of materials that I will be using for this project. Each piece has an attached link and website so others that are interested in doing a similar project can follow my guidelines and materials.

To make it easier to implement, I decided to purchase all the required and optional materials and components from one source, Amazon.  Some of these may be cheaper at other retailers, but, I found that the process of researching for the right components, and then, looking for a place to purchase them online, was a challenge in and of itself.  Therefore, to produce a list of the materials needed to complete this project, with the appropriate Amazon links to purchase them, was one way to contribute to the hacker community”




–          Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit ($64.99)

–          Jumper Wires ($8.99)


If Needed:


–          USB Keyboard ($9.99)

–          USB Mouse ($7.99)

–          HDMI to VGA Cable (to connect to a VGA Monitor) ($10.99)

–          Flash Memory Card Reader ($5.99)




–          USB External Sound Card Audio Adapter for Microphone Input ($6.99)

–          USB Audio Interface for RCA Input ($22.10)

–          Multiple RCA Input Switch ($7.49)


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